Our healthcare software solutions cover:

  • Portering management software.
  • Paperless auditing for quality monitoring and infection control.
  • Workforce management for staff vetting scheduling and T&A.

Portering management software: Portertrac

Our task scheduling and management suite is led by Portertrac, the market leading portering management system. This easy to use software helps to manage healthcare portering workforces more efficiently with task allocation and helpdesk tools. Modules enable real time portering task allocation via PDAsand Taskview provides a web helpdesk portal for Nurses, Wards and other departments such as Xray, A&E to log and manage portering tasks.

Paperless auditing for quality monitoring and infection control: Servicetrac

Our paperless auditing and measurement system is widely used to monitor cleaning quality and assist with infection control procedures. Healthcare environments are high risk and Innovise’s paperless solutions enable easy and efficient monitoring and measurement of compliance to contractual and regulatory requirements.

Workforce management for staff vetting scheduling and T&A: TimeGate including PASS

Innovise’s staff scheduling and workforce management solutions are ideal for keeping track of personnel, pay and operational data for each employee in your organisation. The system will ensure that your vetting is thorough and staff screening is effective. Rostering/scheduling is optimised to produce a rota with the best-fit of staff to your work requirement. T&A data can be collected by telephone, biometric technology and/or swipe cards. It links seamlessly with a wide range of financial systems to pass workforce management information directly into your payroll and invoicing software.